Here to Serve You

Elder Board

AlKst JerryK DaveH
Al Kostopoulos Jerry Koskinen Dave Himsel

The Elders of the East Troy Bible Church work in concert with the Pastors to help oversee the ministry and vision of the church.  These men served faithfully as deacons and have shown a sacrificual heart to help promote the spiritual growth of the congregation.  They aspired to this office, were prayerful examined by the current elder board members and then affirmed by the elders, deacons and congregation of this calling. Our Elders currently are Al Kostopolous, Dave Himsel, and Jerry Koskinen.  Jerry Koskinen is serving as the Church Chairman.

Deacon Board

KirkJ GaryAuse BillP Jimmy BrianW
Kirk Johnsen Gary Alexander Bill Pieters Jim Haraldsen Brian Whitmore
David JeffS George MarkN MikeJ
David Kramer Jeff Standafer George Stahl Mark Nielsen Mike Jacob

Our Deacons are spiritually minded men that serve the congregation in a number of practical ways.  They are nominated out of the church membership, examined by a committee of the congregation, and confirmed by the membership at out annual business meeting.  Their mission is to care for the practical needs of the people in the congregation. They also serve to manage the business and building needs of the church.  Kirk Johnsen is the President, Gary Alexander is the Vice President, Jeff Standafer is the Treasurer and David Kramer is the Secretary.


The Trustees serve the Deacon Board and Congregation in taking care the detailed needs of the church building.  They meet weekly to repair, maintain and improve the condition of the building and grounds. Anyone in the congregation is free to join in this great group simply by contacting Ken Goetsch through the church office.