Newcomers Sunday Fellowship

10:45 a.m. Every Sunday Morning Room 8Heaven Book

This group is designed for all newcomers to ETBC.  This group helps people know and understand more about ETBC, the Word of God and other newcomers.  Anyone is welcome to join this group.  It is always filled with new people who are looking for all sorts of answers.  Pastor Ron is the leader of this group.

Leader: Ron Christiansen
Email Ron at:

College – Age Bible Fellowship

10:45 a.m. Every Sunday Morning at the Standafer’s Home

This is a brand new group that is designed to  help equip and encourage people to share their faith with friends, relatives and neighbors.  The group is meets at the Standafer’s home W2130 Wilmers Grove, East Troy

Leader:  Alice Standafer
Email  Alice:

Fiesta Fridays

Twice a Month at Tom and Erika Czarnecki’s Home

Twice a month, Tom and Erika open their home to anyone and everyone to enjoy a taco bar and refreshments.  It is simply a great hang-out for people who are looking to get to know more people.  You are invited to join in the fun.

Email Tom or Erika at:

Truth Matters Bible Fellowship

10:45 a.m. Every Sunday Morning in Room 5 at ETBC

This is another group of people who want to make Scripture the center of their lives and enjoy the friendship of others.  Presently they are working through Old Testament and discovering the relevance of Scripture to life.  This is a multi-generational group.  Both singles and couples are in this group and they welcome people from all walks of life.

Leaders: Jerry and Shelly Koskinen, Ed Sikora
Email Jerry at:

New Testament Bible Fellowship

10:45 a.m. Every Sunday Morning in Room 6 at ETBC

This group is studying through the New Testament.  This is a multi-generational group that prays and loves God’s word together.

Leader: Gary Foeckler