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What We Value

Every church fellowship has certain character traits that make it unique.  These traits are almost like spiritual DNA.  God has placed in the East Troy Bible Church fellowship a set of character traits that span its history.

A Love for Scripture

The East Troy Bible Church was founded upon a strong and undying love for Scripture and the Gospel of Christ.  That trait still exists today.  When our culture questions absolute and objective truth, the Bible Church has presented Scripture as the infallible and inspired word of God.  The people of ETBC love God’s Word and respect its authority in their daily lives.

A Love for Families

The people of East Troy Bible Church have always had a deep respect and compassion for children. AWANA clubs, Vacation Bible Clubs, Sunday School, Musicals, Outreaches, Camp and Sports Camps have proven its commitment to children and their families.

A Love for Mission

For almost 70 years, East Troy Bible Church has sent missionaries overseas and to our community to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  But in the last few years, ETBC has gained a greater heart to send its own people to work alongside these missionaries.  Further, it is growing an increasing awareness of the needs in this community and considering ways to address those needs.

A Love for Care Ministry

The East Troy Bible Church is remarkable.  Historically, ETBC has cared for the needs of its people and the needs of the community.  It has a rich legacy of meeting needs.  God has placed and maintained a deep heart of compassion in this people.  Even now, the congregation is looking for ways to effectively express the love of Christ with people of this region.

A Love for Prayer

No congregation prays enough.  But, the East Troy Bible Church has always been a praying church.  When a need is made known, people all over the region are activated through Facebook and Email to pray. People do it.  The people of ETBC believe in the power and relevance of prayer.